About VB Pro

Valve Body Pro, a customer-driven company serving the West Coast & National Transmission Shop owners since 2005. Located in San Jose, CA, we are the premier outlet for valve body replacement. We have become the fastest growing valve body remanufacturing company on the west coast and are constantly looking for ways to help our customers solve problems and increase their business.

Owner Bob Sanghera has over 30 plus years of experience as a transmission specialist and coupled with his well-versed knowledge in the ever-changing automotive industry, brings a high-quality standard to valve body replacement that customers have come to expect and appreciate.

To verify proper operation of the pressure/control circuits, all valve bodies are run through a series of shift cycles at operating temperature and Precisely Calibrated on OUR “State of the Art” valve body machine. The computer-generated test results are then compared “side by side” to stored data obtained by testing NEW OEM valve bodies. This comprehensive integrated testing process is only possible when using OUR exclusive custom software in conjunction with the latest generation “HydroTest” valve body machine.

Our staff is comprised of “Veteran Transmission People” that take pride in building a quality product. In addition, we offer lightning-fast delivery with same day or next day service. We are confident that our cost-effective valve bodies will meet your high standards that each valve body comes with a one-year parts-and-labor warranty and friendly tech support is just a phone call away if ever needed.

We're Looking Forward to Serving You!