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Aisin Solenoid Bushing

Product Details

Fits all 09G, TF81-SC, TF80-SC,AW55-50SN, AF33-5 and RE5F22A

Also fits A750, A761, AB60E, and A960

Maxx Fluxx™ Bushings For Aisin Solenoids


  • Engineered by Valve Body Pro and is Pro-Proven
  • Minimal or No Adjustment Required
  • Maintains stable pressure at all temperatures
  • Fast adaptation or Re-learn


Our bushings are designed to make use of the maximum flux density produced by the solenoid. This allows a much stronger magnetic field that remains stable under a wide range of temperatures and conditions. The small amount of current used on these solenoids was taken into consideration in the design of Maxx Fluxx™. The high permeability with low coercivity of Maxx Fluxx™ allows rapid demagnetization to avoid “sticking” and results in much better solenoid performance. A Maxx Fluxx™ equipped solenoid performs better than a new OEM unit or any other aftermarket product available today. When set to factory specification, the need to adjust the solenoid is eliminated.

Valve Body Pro and Omega Machine & Tool has made available a solenoid opening and closing tool that puts money in your pocket. Now you can disassemble, clean and replace worn solenoid bushings in your transmission's solenoids. Now we have the bushings that are needed to repair the solenoids. There are two bushings in each solenoid.

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