45RFE/5-45RFE Remanufactured Valve Bodies

Remanufactured with:

  • ProProven™ components
  • Valve body separator plate gaskets
  • HD accumulator plate

Known worn out hydraulic circuits addressed:

  • Switch valve
  • TCC
  • OD clutch
  • Clutch accumulators

45 / 5-45RFE

Does not include connector and solenoid blockDodge 1999-2006 Part No. 10-134

Heavy duty performance without sacrificing drivability

ProHD Series are heavy duty valve bodies custom built using elevated variable line pressure throughout the entire pressure curve to deliver performance without sacrificing drivability, perfect for towing and hauling applications.

  • Retains daily driveability
  • ProBuilt™ for heavy duty high torque applications
  • Billet No Cross Leak channel casting
  • Installs out of the box
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

45RFE / 5-45RFE

Dodge 1999-2006 Part No. 10-134-HD-1Billet No Cross Leak channel castingDoes not include connector and solenoid block
Part No. 10-134-HD-2TuneLess with stock channel castingSolenoid block not included
Part No. 10-134-HD-3TuneLess with Billet no-cross-leak channel casting Solenoid block not included

1. Optional billet no-cross-leak channel casting

Valve Body Pro offers an optional billet aluminum casting made from a solid 1” piece of material eliminating hydraulic cross leaks and warpage and channel plate flexing. This is a must have for high performance, high horsepower and working trucks.

General reference:

  • Valve body to case torque 106 inch lbs.