Lifetime Limited Warranty

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If You Feel You Are Having Valve Body Related Issues Start With Following These Procedures

  • Make sure codes are cleared in ALL modules. Why? Because today's vehicles have their modules interconnected. A code in one module/controller can affect the operation of another.

  • Make sure the battery & charging system is functioning properly. Why? Today's electronic controlled valve bodies and the modules that control them are looking for certain voltages and/or amperage. If the charging system isn't functioning properly you can have all kinds of strange problems.

  • If your vehicle requires it prior to a test drive make sure any scanner relearn or parameter reset is done. Why? Because the TCM stores the shift and pressure parameters from when it was last trying to adjust for a malfunctioning transmission. Replacing a major component like a valve body without resetting those parameters can cause further damage to the transmission or have it take longer for the TCM to readjust itself while being driven.

  • If required follow any drive cycles that the manufacturer or tech services recommend. Why? So the TCM and other modules can quickly readjust to the replacement valve body. For some vehicles it is just a matter of driving a certain number of miles, for others, it is going through a certain type of driving procedure or a number of start-stop-restarts.

  • Make sure to use a compatible fluid and that meets the specs of your transmission. Why? Some late-model vehicles make electronic adjustments based on computer programming for a certain fluid spec. A non-compatible fluid might have a little more slip or grab that could have the TCM trying to adjust for and never be able to get it right. If you use a fluid that does not meet OE specs there is a possibility of shift feel issues.

All warranty claims must be pre-approved by Valve Body Pro by calling (408) 287-4503 before any work begins to avoid invalidating your warranty.

Product Support 408-287-4503 or Visit Our Contact Page

Who Is Covered

Valve Body Pro provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty to repair or exchange at Valve Body Pro's choice, beginning from the date of purchase that covers the workmanship of the valve body under normal use and service conditions at no additional cost to the original purchaser of the valve body.

What Is Covered

At Valve Body Pro's option, the warranty covers the cost of repair or exchange only or any component included with it.

NEW VALVE BODIES carry a lifetime warranty as all our remanufactured valve bodies do with these exceptions:

- Any warranty claims on a new valve body will be R&R only.

- There are no exchanges or refunds for any reason once a new valve body has been installed.

All products must follow manufacturers' procedures for removal, installation, torque requirements, relearn, and drive cycle steps unless Valve Body Pro provides you with different instructions.

In no event shall Valve Body Pro's aggregate liability exceed the total amount paid to Valve Body Pro for the product sold.

What Is Not Covered

Without limitation, Valve Body Pro shall not be liable for any labor charges or other special, punitive, incidental, exemplary, or consequential damages (including lost revenues or profits).

Examples of things not covered: fluids, removal & installation, expenses incurred in transporting, loss of earnings, personal injury, or damage due to an accident, misuse, alteration, lack of maintenance, or improper installation.

Any electrical components not included from Valve Body Pro.

What To Do If You Have A Warranty Issue

Should you have a problem with our valve body please contact us by phone or email to inform Valve Body Pro of the nature of your problem before any repairs are started.

Have the following information when you call: Invoice number, valve body part number, date of purchase, VIN, what your concern is, all codes stored in all modules, and what model scanner was used to reset and clear codes.

All warranty claims must be pre-approved by Valve Body Pro by calling (408) 287-4503 before any work begins or returning your product.