A500 / 42RE Remanufactured Valve Bodies

Remanufactured with:

  • ProProven™ components
  • Heavy duty NO-LEAK™ 4th accumulator housing cover
  • All new solenoids included

Known worn out hydraulic circuits addressed:

  • Main line pressure
  • Boost pressure
  • Torque converter apply and release pressure
  • Converter drain back
  • Throttle pressure
  • Governor pressure
  • 4th clutch pressure
  • Separator plate damaged by check balls
  • Line to lube

With ROUND governor pressure sensor

Small Pump Inlet 1.278 x .341Part No. 10-109
Large Pump Inlet 1.278 x .549Part No. 10-110

With RECTANGULAR governor pressure sensor

2000 - Up Large Pump Inlet 1.278 x .549Part No. 10-111
2001 - UpLarge Pump Inlet and Late manual lever Part No. 10-111A
Note: Part No. 10-111 and 10-111A Will interchange, only difference rooster comb

Valve body to case bolts

General reference:

  • Valve body to case torque 100 inch lbs.