4T40E, 4T45E Remanufactured Valve Bodies

1995-1996 Part No. 20-125
1997-2001 With Cross Drilled PR Valve Cast# 24209130Part No. 20-126
2002-2003With No 2-3 Acc Valve, Holly EPCCast# 24214698Part No. 20-127A

2002-2003With No 2-3 Acc Valve, Bosch EPCCast# 24214698Part No. 20-127B

2004-UpWith Bosch EPC, 3 Switch PSMCast# 24216020Part No. 20-127C

2004-UpWith Bosch EPC, TAP Shift TypeCast# 24233226Part No. 20-127D

General reference:

  • Valve body to case torque 106 inch lbs.