Remanufactured with:

  • ProProven™ components
  • Tested solenoids included

Known worn out hydraulic circuits addressed:

  • Main line pressure
  • Solenoid regulator pressure
  • TCC apply and release
  • Flared shifts
  • Soft or slipping shifts
  • Bump or harsh shifts
TCM not included.Part No. 75-103
Special shipping instructions

722.9 Speed Sensor Repair

TCM - Speed sensor repair for VGS 1 & VGS 2R&R OnlyWe can only repair Y3/8n1 & Y3/8n2 speed sensorsWe can't repair TCM comm error codesPart No. 75-103-460
Only send in TCMDO NOT SEND TCM ATTACHED TO THE VALVE BODYNote: Valve Body Pro will not be held liable for losses or responsible for shipping damages.

The leader in remanufactured valve bodies

To verify proper operation of the pressure/control circuits, all valve bodies are run through a series of shift cycles at operating temperature and then precisely calibrated on our state-of-the-art valve body machine. Computer generated test results are compared side-by-side to stored data obtained by testing new OEM valve bodies. This comprehensive integrated testing process is only possible by using Valve Body Pro's exclusive custom software in conjunction with the latest generation Hydra-Test® valve body machine.

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