AF33-5, AW55-50SN Remanufactured Valve Bodies

Remanufactured with:

  • ProProven™ components

  • Rebuilt linear solenoids included

Known worn out hydraulic circuits addressed:

  • Main line pressure

  • Main boost pressure

  • Secondary pressure

  • Solenoid regulator pressure

  • Torque converter apply and release

  • When hot 1-2 / 2-3 / 3-4 cutloose, flare bang shifts

  • Harsh delayed engagements

Not sure what year you have?

Check for the B5 spring in the valve body.

Saturn / SaabEarly - Solenoid connector upCast 9165 / 9167Code A or No codePart No. 90-101F
Saturn / SaabLate - Solenoid connector downCast 9168Code BNo B5 SpringPart No. 90-101FF
Equinox / Saturn / Saab2005 - UpCast 9168Code BWith B5 SpringPart No. 90-101FL Superceded To Part # 90-101E
Equinox2005 - UpCast 9168Code BWith B5 SpringPart No. 90-101E
Note: Replaces Part No. 90-101FL

Solenoid ID / Internal wiring routing

General reference:

  • Valve body to case torque 85 inch lbs.